KP Electric have been advised by the City of Cockburn (Perth, WA) that they have been successful in being awarded a 5 year contract to provide comprehensive Electrical Maintenance Services to the City’s assets across their local government boundary & peripheral areas.
The contract covers City owned assets and infrastructure across an area of 170 sq/km in the southern metropolitan area of Perth.
The contract commences on August 2017 and runs for an initial period of 3 years until 2020, however running to 2012 if all options are exercised.
“We welcome the announcement of our successful tender, and look forward to developing a strong partnership with one of the leading local government authorities in Perth” said Peter King, Managing Director.
“The tender win is a direct result of the hard work that our team have put in to making sure that we are Australia’s leading National Electrical Service Provider, however are still able to leverage our scale to be competitive and deliver high-quality service to local government clients in highly competitive environments .”
The contract will be managed by KP Electric’s WA Service & Minor Works division.

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